Coming soon!   Starting in the Spring of 2015, Dr Nibbe will see patients at the 1700 Shattuck location in Berkeley!  

Prior to your first visit, Yasmin Nibbe MD invites you to schedule a FREE 10-minute introductory phone visit. At this time, you will work together to decide how Dr Nibbe's services may best serve you.

During your office visit, Dr Nibbe will take a thorough history which will supplement the information that you provide on the intake forms. Please fill the forms out prior to your visit so that we can maximize your precious time together! You'll find that some of the questions are unique to addressing medical issues from a functional medicine and homeopathic perspective.

Dr Nibbe will also provide a physical exam that is applicable to your medical condition or concern.  As a part of the examination, specific lab tests or studies may be recommended to help determine the direction for your plan of care. Please note that Dr Nibbe is aware that some lab tests can be expensive, so she will only advise those that are absolutely necessary, that will produce the most useful information, and be the most value added for your care.

You will receive a comprehensive plan following your visit, which will address lifestyle (including diet, exercise, sleep, mind-body) recommendations. Dr Nibbe may also prescribe medications, or advise herbal medications or supplements as applicable. Please remember that the medications that you get from your PCP should continue to be prescribed by that doctor. 

Yasmin Nibbe MDs Office Visit fees are as follows:

  • 90-minute New Patient Office Visit - $399
  • 60-minute Follow-up - $275
  • 60-minute Home-Visit - $399
  • 10-minute Introductory Phone Consult - FREE

Special rates are available for families, please ask!

Please note that payment for lab tests are in addition to the office visit fee.  Again, Dr Nibbe makes every effort to curtail the cost of lab testing, and only orders specific labs that can help in clinching a diagnosis.