Although formally trained in conventional Western Medicine, Yasmin Nibbe, MD expands far beyond to apply an integrative, preventive approach to her practice of medicine.  The unique care plan she prepares for each of her patients reveals a healthy respect for alternative therapies including homeopathy, "food as medicine", mind-body work, energy medicine, herbal remedies and ayurveda.  The foundation of her medical practice is discovering the root causes of the problem and then working from that source to find the key to deep healing. 

Dr Nibbe sees in each of her patients a beautiful, unique individual capable of intense motivation, engagement, and self-healing.   Integrating a myriad of complementary and alternative medicine modalities along with conventional Western medicine allows her to craft a personalized plan of care for each patient.

The importance nurturing mind, body and spirit cannot be stressed enough!   Dr Nibbe has found that helping her clients learn meditation or breathing techniques leads to profound outcomes, and remedies everything from anxiety to hypertension. Together, she and her patients work as a team to come to a personalized and realistic understanding of health and wellness, which sometimes means realizing that every ailment cannot be cured...instead, the focus is on reaching a sense of wholeness and wellness.

Yasmin Nibbe MD looks forward to working WITH YOU on your journey towards optimal health!

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